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We consider ourselves a design first company. We believe the best approach to a successful project is largely based on the detailed work that is completed prior to when the construction begins. Renocon staffs 4 full-time designers to take on our a range of renovation and new construction projects in both the commercial and residential sectors. Whether you are looking for some advice on flooring and trim, or cabinets and countertops, our experienced designers are ready to help with all your design needs.

We believe in the beauty of creativity and to allow our imaginations to run freely to create the bespoke space for your specific lifestyle.

Intelligent Designers.

We trust in well thought out, detailed, triple checked documentation. We consolidate all documentation in a single point of reference booklet laid out in a professional and efficient way for our General Contractors.

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Material Showroom.

We know one will not; and can not succeed without the other. We have blended the two to create our Design Specification Guides – or just DSGs. These comprehensive single point of reference booklets contain all the information necessary to build out your design – down to the most minute detail.

Curated Brands.

We begin with an easy consultation in our showroom to discuss how you are living now and how you would like to live. We get to know what you like, what you don’t and what you want to convey with your space. Understanding your unique personal lifestyle is our main goal in this meeting. We also talk about an estimated construction budget for your space. This is an important fact for us to know before we begin the design process. We design to maximize budget.

Unique Designs.


It’s the science behind how Renocon creates bespoke spaces for our clients.

Interior design is so much more than just a service here at Renocon, it’s a true experience for our clients. We are able to design for new builds, residential renovations and commercial projects. We take care of all aspects of design at Renocon and clients only have to deal with the one company, meaning the design process is as stress free and as enjoyable as possible. We build relationships with our clients from the start, we look to understand them, their daily lives, what they want from their space and we truly care about the client’s property as if it were our own!

With our design services, a design booklet and 3D model is created for each client’s space. Our Design Specification Guide is a multifaceted tool designed to optimize the renovation experience. The design booklet details everything from space layout, right down to tile layouts, to the specification of fixtures and finishes. By organizing all materials and details prior to demolition, we are able to shorten the overall renovation process. We are always happy to price the construction side of your design, however having this booklet gives our client the autonomy to take the booklet to any contractor for a quote and know exactly what they are being priced for, down to the smallest detail. Having a full design is also extremely helpful if a client is planning on doing a larger renovation in stages, as the design is put together cohesively at the same time, but allows them to break up the renovation stages to make it more manageable depending on their situation.

Many people struggle to visualize design concepts and what their space would look like. This is where the 3D model created for the client really adds to the customer experience. It allows our clients to be submerged in their newly designed space, understand different concepts and decide on design options with confidence. Images of the 3D model are also included in the booklet illustrating the various concepts created.

Below is an overview of our design and build process:


This is like a first date, flowers, and chocolate not necessary. We get to know what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to convey with your space. Understanding your unique personal style and design needs are our main goal in this meeting. We also talk about an estimated budget for your design. This is important for us to know when we spec out all the materials, we do so with your budget in mind. So let’s sit and chat about your upcoming project, we are not mind readers but we really like to listen!


This is where we come over to your space. We measure the space and everything necessary to start creating your design. It’s also a great time to go over renovation items on site and anything that has cropped up since our first meeting. Whether it’s an extra bit of work you’ve decided to go ahead with, a particular design request or going over something in further detail.


We go through this next step before implementing everything in 3D. This step is key to giving you the best layout possible, we take a fresh look at your space and current floor plan and reconfigure the space and look, to make the most of its potential. We really look to understand how you use your space, the things you like and dislike with the current layout. Then we look at the whole area and figure out the best options for orientation and navigation, to fit with your budget and your day to day life.


Now we have figured out the functionality of your design, the next stage is the fun part! We input everything to Sketchup to create a full 3D design of your space. At this stage, your Pinterest boards and inspiration images are a great help for our designers to get a true understanding of your style and what you like – whether it’s colours, certain materials, a certain look, a certain design, we are all ears! Our designers then immerse themselves in heaps of samples and cool products to find the perfect materials for your space and they create multiple concepts and see which you prefer, before finalizing any materials. From tile layouts to fixtures, from cabinetry to shower niche locations, from hardware to lighting, our designers have it all covered. Creativity, inspiration and cutting edge materials are what Renocon uses to make your dream a reality!


Renocon takes care of documenting everything that is needed for any permits with the City and for handling your Strata if you have one. We truly take this stress away from the client, we are so used to dealing with the City and Stratas, that we always know what to expect and how to handle any hurdles that arise. This step is important for ensuring everything is documented officially and you don’t run into any problems in the future, whether it’s with another future renovation or the sale of your property.


We are a flat rate company and we work with you to make sure every dollar is spent wisely. There are many elements of design that can add value to your home, for example a waterfall edge to your countertops, knocking down walls to enlarge the space, installing wide plank flooring, and the list goes on! However, we keep your budget in mind and advise you on the best design features to invest in – so we work with you to achieve the design aesthetic you want, while keeping your needs in mind.
We sit down with you and go through it step by step and answer any questions that you may have. We find this is the best way we ensure you understand the full scope of work and where your money is being spent. When we quote for a renovation, you can have peace of mind it is for a renovation that is designed with your budget in mind and with full transparency.


There’s no one you could trust more with your renovation than our Renocon team. With our extremely experienced team of Project Managers and contractors, you can be sure you’re in safe hands! You will always deal with the one Project Manager, who takes care of everything for you – they are the ones arranging everything from your material deliveries, to making sure our various contractors are on site at the correct times. Having the one go to person, really minimises any worry and stress that our clients are concerned about with a renovation, which is an aspect we truly care about. They are able to provide you with a timeline for your project and they are the ones making sure this timeline is adhered to, through having such strong relationships and communication with our contractors.


This is where our high quality trades come together and your design really comes to life. Our trades have a fantastic team mentality and strive to complete the install of every project that we have, to the highest of standards. All our trades have worked for us for many years and have all of the appropriate certificates and insurance required. Install time will always vary depending on your project, but your Project Manager will be able to give you a clear estimate at the time of quoting your project. Depending on your type of project and your space, often the best option can be to have temporary living arrangements, not only can this most importantly reduce stress on the client, it can also encourage the install process to move along more swiftly. At the end of the install, a full deep clean is always completed on site, so that it is ready for you to move in.


Now that your project has been completed, it’s time for you to move in and begin to enjoy your new space!


This is the final stage after you have been living in and enjoying your space for around 2-3 weeks. It is at this point we go through any deficiencies that may have arisen in the time you have been using the space. Over the years, we have found that once customers are living their day to day lives this is the best time to notice any smaller touch ups that are needed, which is the reason we meet to go through any deficiencies at this point. Some examples could include a small paint chip, slight door misalignments, a loose screw etc. From here, the Project Manager will make arrangements to address any items that need to be done and ensure you are fully satisfied with your project!


We’re here to help you make your home your dream home. Through creative ideas, innovation & sheer determination

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We are currently building out the new home for Renocon in the heart of the armoury design district. Until then please visit us at our transition offices in Coal Harbour, address below.

320-638 Broughton St. Vancouver, BC V6G 3K3

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