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This project was for an individual who we had built a relationship with over many years. We had previously installed flooring for this client and they had come back to us after having multiple leaks. We fixed the flooring the first time and after another leak they decided to invest in a full renovation and allow us to design and manage this for them.

Our client was a kind, straightforward, man of few words who was very detail orientated and had an extreme eye for detail. He had definitely come to the right place for his renovation as our detail for design was aligned – he wanted to know everything throughout the process and design, which we were more than willing to accommodate. His partner also instantly bonded with our Creative Director over a particular favourite picture from a magazine, as this was also one of our director’s top picks.

Both individuals were open minded about the space, they had expensive taste and quality, the standards were high and they were hard to please, but they had no set direction and wanted us to design as if it were our own space! The only item they really noted is their dislike for scratches and dents that can come apparent with wood, this in turn really allowed us to be creative and adventurous.

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Background on the building and unit prior to Renocon’s involvement.

This Concord Pacific Georgia Award winning “Columbus” high rise was built in 1998 and located in Central’s Downtown Vancouver. It is a 25 storey building and has 119 units that look over the water and David Lam green Park.


This is our first step. We imagine the space by lining it up with our client’s lifestyle. Reimagined space that pushes the limitations of what is possible in concrete condos.

The most challenging part of the project was the space planning. It was the key element that changed the feel of the space completely and made the final design such a success. It was a huge change, altering the space from a collection of smaller rooms that were dark with limited lighting, to a large, beautiful, open concept space with 180 degrees of natural light. Removing the built in nook allowed for a huge amount of space to be converted into storage and allowed the kitchen to move all the way to the back of the space. In turn, the taller items could be placed around the edge of the kitchen in cut outs that were already there, keeping things streamlined and leaving the central living and dining area open plan. The plumbing from the old kitchen layout was rerouted and incorporated into the build of a new dining table which worked with the open plan concept.

The second bedroom was converted into a walk in closet, with the entrance coming from the master bedroom. The master ensuite had the tub removed and changed to one very large shower, the bathtub was kept in the second bathroom.

We altered the fireplace location to sit flush into the wall cut out, gaining an extra 3ft of space in the living area and making it easier to arrange furniture. Using oversize concrete panels repeated across the living room walls, added to the industrial look and visually makes the open plan space seem larger and more artistic.



The conceptual birth of your future space starts here. Creativity, inspiration and cutting edge materials are what Renocon uses to make your dream a reality.

The concept of modern started with concrete and touches of wood to provide accents, so it was these roots that we wanted to replicate. We used the raw material of concrete as a base, using it on the floors and walls. With a concrete floor there are no grout or plank lines, instantly allowing the space to seem much more open and spacious. Concrete is a forgiving floor, so it’s additionally very easy to clean and maintain. The idea was to add warmth and contrast at the same time, by using wood in all of the spaces. To compliment the rawness of the concrete within a residential design, we wanted to use appliances that reflected a more industrial and heavier look. All other ceilings, walls and doors throughout the spaces needed to connect to the raw and industrial feel and at the same time, have a sharp look on a smaller subtle scale. To achieve this we played on the idea of using white paint, accented with black handles.


Here we show you some of the key design decisions made in this project and how they impacted the overall spaceplan and desired outcome from the clients.


The aim was for the appliances to be a talking piece at gatherings. Wolfe and Sub-zero appliances were selected, as they are designed to be statement pieces. They stand out due to their sharp, industrial appearance all while complimenting the raw feel of the concrete throughout the space.

Kitchen Pantry

Pantry storage is often an afterthought or in some cases, left out entirely. We wanted to make sure our client had enough space to accommodate for all needs.

TV/Fireplace Surround.

This living area gives a very open concept, minimalist, custom feel. Custom oak shelving continues the accent of wood throughout the spaces, adding warmth amongst the concrete. The shelving doubles up as a TV stand and providing extra seating for larger gatherings, without blocking the stunning city skyline.

Master Ensuite.

Giving this master bathroom the look and feel that you would find at a high end hotel, was our goal with this space. To achieve this, the angled glass and corner niche were created to provide unique and eye catching elements and Axor fixtures by Hansgrohe were used throughout. Axor’s heavy, chunky design keeps that sleek look and ties in with the luxurious feel, the three function head shower also provides an amazing experience as though the client were in a hotel.

Guest Bath.

The second bathroom uses walnut within the niche to continue the flow of wood accents throughout the property. A freestanding sink which angled down was selected to provide more room within the bathroom.


Proudly present the final product of all of our services combined to create a lifestyle space uniquely for our client.


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