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For this project we worked with a couple who wanted very different styles from one another. He had a more traditional and rustic style and was drawn to natural elements like wood and rock textures. While his wife loved a more clean and contemporary look. Our challenge was to figure out a way to combine these two very different tastes and create something they would both enjoy.

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Background on the building and unit prior to Renocon’s involvement.

This 2 Story Penthouse is 1200 sq ft is in a boutique building. The unit itself has become dated and dark. We knew immediately it needed to be brightened and updated to take advantage of the dramatic 18 ft sloping floor to ceiling windows.


This is our first step. We imagine the space by lining it up with our client’s lifestyle. Reimagined space that pushes the limitations of what is possible in concrete condos.

The space planning was tough due to an unmovable concrete wall. This meant that the kitchen layout had to remain the same. We were challenged to make it feel as open as possible in other ways and we did so by removing the existing stairs and replaced them with a floating stair style. We also made the decision to remove the closets from under the stairs which again made it more spacious. My making these small but thought out changes, we were able to keep the flow going throughout the unit from the moment you walk into the space and walked through.



The conceptual birth of your future space starts here. Creativity, inspiration and cutting edge materials are what Renocon uses to make your dream a reality.

We had to play with colour, finishes and lighting to open up the space and to find common ground in their styles. We chose wooden colours and textures for the living room and white cabinets in the kitchen to lighten the area. This also appealed to more of a contemporary style that the wife loved. The fireplace was a statement due to how high the ceilings were. In addition to this we were able to include a 3 way open fireplace which is very hard to achieve in an older building. We managed to come up with a design that worked with the limitations, as well as a design they were happy with. We added two lighting pendants down the side of the fireplace which dropped 19’ down. It had very powerful effect and complemented the space nicely.


Here we show you some of the key design decisions made in this project and how they impacted the overall spaceplan and desired outcome from the clients.


We designed this kitchen with zones in mind. We opened up the upper cabinets on one side of the kitchen to make space for open shelving, this helped break up the kitchen. On the opposite side we gave them an extra area for a coffee station and wine cooler for when they were entertaining. We created a space for a breakfast nook and barstools. We also were able to extend one side for functionality which gave the space to create a broom and coat closet.


The previous dining area looked straight into the powder room. We blocked this off by extending the wall which gave  privacy. It also acted as a hallway and became a perfect place for us to include more storage.

Master En-suite.

We replaced the built in tub and added a free standing one to give a more traditional look. We made sure our faucets were of a more modern material and chose polished nickel. This helped again to marry the two styles together. The wooden finishes gave warmth and felt inviting. Our client loved candles so we also build a niche into the wall as a design feature which also doubled as usable shelf for when she took calming baths.


We decided to surprise our clients with this live edge countertop. He loved nature and outdoors so we wanted to bring that natural element and we sourced it from their old neighbourhood which was a detail he really appreciated.


Proudly present the final product of all of our services combined to create a lifestyle space uniquely for our client.


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