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Our clients were downsizing and bought this condo in older building. They left it open for us to create a space for them. Their only request? Storage for their incredible book collection. Because this unit was older, it meant that every room was closed off and each in separate areas. Our aim was to open it up and connect the spaces to be one.

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Background on the building and unit prior to Renocon’s involvement.

This New West Project was originally build in 1986. It needed a lot of updating but had a lot of potential with an incredible view of the Fraser River.


This is our first step. We imagine the space by lining it up with our client’s lifestyle. Reimagined space that pushes the limitations of what is possible in concrete condos.

This condo was designed around our clients who were downsizing and they wanted this home to fit their own personal needs. Because of this, we removed the second bedroom from upstairs which allowed the space for a large walk-in wardrobe as well as an office space. The bathroom was open to a common area, so we rearranged and extended it to open to the bedroom and become a master en-suite. From these changes we were able to make it a four piece bathroom with both a walk in shower and a tub.



The conceptual birth of your future space starts here. Creativity, inspiration and cutting edge materials are what Renocon uses to make your dream a reality.

We were able to take full advantage of the high ceilings and design the large built in bookcase which became the main feature for the whole space. This building was an older building and the unit actually had a large sqft but you could barely tell from the layout. By opening it the way we did, it immediately opened up, became brighter and had a great indoor/outdoor flow which took full advantage of the view.


Here we show you some of the key design decisions made in this project and how they impacted the overall spaceplan and desired outcome from the clients.

Indoor/Outdoor Flow

These glass doors open along the entire length of the condo. With such a grand patio we wanted to ensure we had good indoor/outdoor flow. We built new steps and extended them along the whole living room and underneath ran a LED strip all the way along to use for mood lighting on winter days.


We took full advantage of the high ceilings and used it make the largest built in bookshelf we have ever designed. It is the main feature of the loft. The ladder was incorporated in a modern style for both design and functionality reasons. It allowed an easy way for our clients to access their book and move about the shelves as needed.


The original kitchen was a small and dark galley kitchen. We extended it as much as we possibly could and added in a large island. This allowed for storage on both sides and gave a much grander feel than the kitchen before.


We rebuilt the entire staircase.  Before they were closed in and took so much valuable space. We opened them up and now all the natural light can flow through and the room feels much bigger because of it.

Master En-suite.

Originally the bathroom was a lot smaller and cramped. We extended it back so we could add in both a bath and walk in shower. This made it a four piece bathroom which is quite hard to find in Vancouver these days. We raised the shower onto a platform and added a linear drain along the side. This can be difficult to do but it results are always high end and worth it.


Proudly present the final product of all of our services combined to create a lifestyle space uniquely for our client.


We’re here to help you make your home your dream home. Through creative ideas, innovation & sheer determination

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We are currently building out the new home for Renocon in the heart of the armoury design district. Until then please visit us at our transition offices in Coal Harbour, address below.

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