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Mr. Oben was a unique client. I remember him walking into our showroom four years before we took on his project, when he said ‘I will be back one day to do my own place’. Sure enough, three years later he came back to show me a new property he had purchased and said ‘I am ready for you’, with a huge smile and excitement on his face! He wanted this new chapter in his life and to start fresh and on his own terms. He wanted his place to show his personality; he loved cooking and entertaining guests, he was an excellent writer that worked in the film industry. He wanted a space that spoke to his lifestyle and work life.

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Background on the building and unit prior to Renocon’s involvement.

The building was converted in 1996 from an industrial building that was built originally on 1912. The existing condo was in the original finishings from the conversion.


This is our first step. We imagine the space by lining it up with our client’s lifestyle. Reimagined space that pushes the limitations of what is possible in concrete condos.

Mr. Oben was downsizing from a 185 m2 home to a 55 m2 apartment; this alone was a huge change for him. He didn’t know what he wanted the space to look like, however he did know what he wanted it to feel like. There were four central points that enveloped the feeling he wanted. A well organized space where everything had it’s place and was hidden away and by extension a space that was easy to keep clean. A space that is tailored to entertain guests. A kitchen that allowed for maximum storage and had all the necessities for his passion of cooking and a bathroom fitted with a large shower space.



The conceptual birth of your future space starts here. Creativity, inspiration and cutting edge materials are what Renocon uses to make your dream a reality.

Our initial proposed design was met with great regard from Mr. Oben. We had surpassed what he had envisioned the space to feel like as we walked him through the 3D space. This initial design evolved with minor additions to the Millwork organizers and systems in the kitchen and slight modifications to the fireplace. Overall there were minimal changes made to our initial design and thus we only have one design concept to present.


Here we show you some of the key design decisions made in this project and how they impacted the overall spaceplan and desired outcome from the clients.


The sought-after building features exposed wood beams, high ceilings, original brick walls, reclaimed wide-plank hardwood floors, wood windows and gas fireplaces. Our vision for the space was to modernize all of the finishes, streamline the overall look and maximize storage while preserving the opposing historical and industrial features.


The most important element for us since he loved entertaining, was the kitchen. Since it was on the smaller side, kitchen storage was a challenge but we didn’t want this to limit our design. We added cabinets which went all the way to the ceiling, this allowed for lots of storage and space for items that aren’t used regularly. The millwork along the refrigerator wall had an extended depth to match up flush with the depth of the refrigerator which also aided with the storage issue. We made the façades of all the cabinet doors larger, this gave the illusion of a larger space due to the reduced amount of lines.


Every millimeter of the kitchen space was utilized with innovative storage and organizational systems. This enabled us to create a lot of storage space within the limitations of the size of the kitchen. It also addressed having a place for all his kitchen item – all hidden away.


A gourmet stove was selected with accompanying hood fan to accommodate Mr. Oben’s culinary passions. Furthermore we selected a custom back painted glass backsplash that was templated and installed in two pieces. This allowed for some muted reflections from the glass and eliminated the grout lines. Floating shelves with under and over LED lighting were installed passing the kitchen space into the dining room; in essence joining the spaces. We installed a weathered brick facade to contrast the back painted glass and also echo the building’s brick and beam construction.

Office area.

A custom designed fold away floating workspace with integrated drawer was installed below a wall mounted iMac with concealed wiring. When folded away, the workstation would serve as a tabletop space to for mail and keys. The drawer was used for daily used items for Mr. Oben. The modular concept created a space for when he needed to work and served as a floating storage when folded away

Living Room.

The fireplace and entertainment area was designed for dual use. For storage and additional seating when entertaining. The lower storage units/benches are full height drawers with an additional hidden internal drawer. We inset both his flat screen TV and his sound bar into the wall of the fireplace. This minimized the heat that would reach the electronics and allowed the face of the wall to be flush with the TV. Four additional wall mounted floating storage units were installed around the 30 cm beams on either side of the fireplace.


Proudly present the final product of all of our services combined to create a lifestyle space uniquely for our client.
I hired Renocon Design to do a large renovation on my small condo. Although the process of a big project like this can be over overwhelming, Golnaz and her team were always able to calm me and get me back on track. They lead the project with confidence and focus. The renovation was a smash hit!! Although the finished project looked much like the initial plans, the finishing touches really took it to a new height. The compliments from visitors were endless and I woke up each morning amazed by my own home. Sadly, due to some life changes, I recently had to sell my place but the buying market was floored by the condo and thanks to the extraordinary design and fine details, I was able to quickly command a record setting price in my building. The response has compelled me to write this review. Overall, the whole process was creative and exhilarating in the safe hands of Renocon. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend and or hire them again.
Oben Residence, Residential Full Reno


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