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When we first saw this unit we realized just how angular the space was and how that effected the layout. We wanted to work with these angles instead of fighting against them. That way it would allow an easy flowing layout. Our main focus was to create separate areas for the kitchen, living and dining and to maximise the use of space.

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Background on the building and unit prior to Renocon’s involvement.

This unit was on the edge of Yaletown, with all the conveniences of Living in the City-shops, dining, seawall-all just steps away. It featured very dark oak floors which out client knew she wanted to lighten up right away.


This is our first step. We imagine the space by lining it up with our client’s lifestyle. Reimagined space that pushes the limitations of what is possible in concrete condos.

Because this was only a one bedroom unit, our focus was to create as much storage as possible and take advantage of every inch in the unit without it looking crowded. By pushing out the kitchen and dining room as much as possible, it left the room feeling open and much larger than its original layout.



The conceptual birth of your future space starts here. Creativity, inspiration and cutting edge materials are what Renocon uses to make your dream a reality.

We really wanted to play with different colours, contrast and textures for this suite. We did so in a way that would bring the space together and get the maximum feeling of openness. We used dark colours in the C-Chanels to create a new and creative way to add interest into the kitchen. It turned out so well that we love to show this as an example to our clients who want darker accents but are afraid of how it may turn out and this project immediately gives them the vision and confidence.


Here we show you some of the key design decisions made in this project and how they impacted the overall spaceplan and desired outcome from the clients.


We gave this kitchen a clean and modern. We balanced laquer white paint and darker accent colour around the kitchen to add contrast. To add in warmth, we also incorporated a touch of wood veneer. We thought about every detail when planning. Some features include LED strip lighting and pot lights to allow a variety of lighting options, an open shelf cut out and a pull out cupboard to ensure no potential storage space went to waste.

Pullout Pantry.

Our client loves to spend her time cooking so it was very important that we designed a kitchen that could perform. We used internal drawers, spice pull outs, pull out pantry and garbage to make sure we took full advantage of every inch of the kitchen.

Open Shelf.

The washer and dryer was actually incorporated into the cupboard of the kitchen, hidden from view. This was a great solution when working with a small area but as a result it made for a very deep countertop. Our designer came up with these beautiful shelves behind the cook top as storage for a creative solution to combat the extra space.


We were working with a small area for the entry and wanted to include as much functionality as possible. This was achieved by creating a cupboard with a mirror on the front and ample storage on the inside for shoes, coats and other needs. This flexible space is exactly what our client was needing and missing from her original layout.


Proudly present the final product of all of our services combined to create a lifestyle space uniquely for our client.


We’re here to help you make your home your dream home. Through creative ideas, innovation & sheer determination

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We are currently building out the new home for Renocon in the heart of the armoury design district. Until then please visit us at our transition offices in Coal Harbour, address below.

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