Project Description


Our client had just downsized to a one bed, one bath from a three bed townhouse. Our challenge was to make sure the smaller space gives them everything a three bed would but on a smaller scale. It was a fun challenge to design based on what the client asked for and additionally, showing our vision of how we can make the space look. We pushed her initial ideas for the space and challenged the way she used to live and took it a step further, and by her reaction on our clients face after the first presentation she was more than happy with us.

0 ft2
Square Footage.
Months Build Time.
Bedroom Condo.
Multidisciplinary Team


Proudly present the final product of all of our services combined to create a lifestyle space uniquely for our client.
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Now that you have seen how we helped this client with their home; please see below for more passionate solutions to spaces!
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