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Faulker Residence


BRIEF. For this project our clients worked in the film industry and the vision they had for their home was inspired by the 80s and barber shop look. The unit was in a beautiful Heritage building so immediately, we made the decision that the design wouldn't be [...]

Dunbar Residence


BRIEF. Our clients were downsizing and bought this condo in older building. They left it open for us to create a space for them. Their only request? Storage for their incredible book collection. Because this unit was older, it meant that every room was closed off and [...]

Oben Residence


BRIEF. Mr. Oben was a unique client. I remember him walking into our showroom four years before we took on his project, when he said ‘I will be back one day to do my own place’. Sure enough, three years later he came back to show me [...]

Brongers Residence


BRIEF. For this project we worked with a couple who wanted very different styles from one another. He had a more traditional and rustic style and was drawn to natural elements like wood and rock textures. While his wife loved a more clean and contemporary look. Our [...]

Teymouri Residence


BRIEF. When we first saw this unit we realized just how angular the space was and how that effected the layout. We wanted to work with these angles instead of fighting against them. That way it would allow an easy flowing layout. Our main focus was to [...]

French Residence


BRIEF. This project was completed for previous clients of ours, who we had installed hardwood for. They came in looking to get more of the same hardwood for the new house they were building in North Vancouver and it ended up with us doing almost everything in [...]

Palipowski Residence


BRIEF. This project was for an individual who we had built a relationship with over many years. We had previously installed flooring for this client and they had come back to us after having multiple leaks. We fixed the flooring the first time and after another leak [...]

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