So you’re getting serious about carpeting your home? Great! You’ve come to the right place. With the wide array of carpeting available today, it’s easy to suit your taste and find a flooring solution for the way you live. Choosing the best carpet is really about finding the right combination of aesthetics, performance and budget to best meet the needs of your lifestyle. Please read on, carpet shopper, and get the upper hand on what lies underfoot.



One of the oldest and truest types of flooring. Nothing can replicate the warmth and softness of carpet. The feel of the carpet fibers wrapping around your feet with every step cannot be imitated. Carpet is the ever forgiving flooring. It’s not affected by scratches, breaks or warps that can affect its hard surface counterparts. The newest trends of carpet consist of more sophisticated elegant patterned designs. These new designs give the carpet a three-dimensional appearance and pattern which gives it more of an artistic and elegant look.

Carpet Tile

A great choice for heavy traffic areas; that’s why whenever carpet is used in commercial spaces it’s usually carpet tile. Available in a variety of designs and styles, these simple carpet squares make the process of installing carpeting in a room much less messy and complicated. Along with easy installation, the tiles also can be replaced easily in the event that a section of tiles are stained or worn over time, without having to replace the entire carpet!


Carpet is available in 12’, 15’ and some- times 13’ widths. Unless the room to be carpeted is narrower than this, the carpet will be seamed. With looped or low-profile patterned carpet, you may have visible or peaked seams. The degree of their visibility depends on texture, colour, lighting and furniture placement.


One of the most important considerations has to do with where you can’t see – beneath the surface of the carpet. Carpet cushion, the layer of material that lies between the carpet and floor, can make the difference between a good feeling carpet and a great one. It’s carpet cushion, not the carpet itself, that determines how a carpet feels beneath your feet. And carpet cushion isn’t just about feel; a quality cushion helps preserve the look of the carpet and can even extend its life and comfort, providing it with tougher protection against wear and tear.


Colour has a big impact on any environment. Because carpet covers a large area, it’s important to keep some basic colour rules in mind. Once a carpet is installed in a new home, it will often look lighter than the sample you saw in the store. This is a natural optical effect you should take into consideration. The colour of carpet affects the apparent size of the room. Lighter coloured carpet
will usually visually expand the room. Darker carpeting will create a more intimate feeling. Neutral colours are the best choice if you expect to frequently change the decorating scheme!


Although installing carpet isn’t technically difficult, it’s challenging because of the size of the rolls and the often limited workspace. Whether it’s cushioned-back carpet for a basement or plush carpet and pad for a living room you’ll find most spaces will need more than one piece of carpet. It’s important for the installer to map out the space to minimize the seams! Moreover, to place the seams in strategic locations in the room. For example, to situate the seam under the couch in the living room. Always best to have a seam in a low traffic area!




12′ Width


Anso Nylon

29.20 oz/yd2




12′ Width



39.00 oz/yd2




12′ Width



28.80 oz/yd2



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