Looking to redo your bathroom? Choosing the right vanity is a great place to start. Arguably the focal point of your bathroom, it will establish the feel of the space. Modern vanities are often wall mounted, this gives a cleaner look. It can also make your bathroom look bigger! Custom vanities are often the first choice, there is no replacement for a made to order piece. However if your budget doesn’t permit it, or you would rather allocate the funds to a gorgeous rain shower, pre-built vanities are a great substitute. With a variety of colours and styles, you’re sure to find one that suits your space!



An excellent money saver! Pre-built vanities are mass produced in various standard sizes. They come with the countertop, faucet, handle hardware, and sink. Some models even come with a mirror and medicine cabinet. It’s a great way to reduce the money allocated to the vanity and distribute it to other areas of the bathroom! Even if you want to upgrade the look of the pre-built vanity to make it more unique to you; that’s definitely possible! By replacing the countertop, faucet or even the handles can drastically change the look from a pre-built to a more custom looking vanity!


Get it exactly the way you want it! With all the drawers you need to fit your space. There is no substitute to a custom vanity built for your unique bathroom. The possibilities can be endless. From the door style to the handle hardware to the countertop to the faucets. Finally have the bathroom vanity that suits you!


Most of the pre-built vanities are built for a DIY install. With a couple tools and a level you can install your own vanity. The custom vanities can be a little more tricky depending on the complexity of the build. Plumbing is always something you want to leave to the pros!




Solid Hardwood

22 1316” Width

33 12” Height

17 1364” Depth

High Gloss White

Integrated Sink/Countertop, Faucet, Mirror




Solid Hardwood

70” Width

24 58” Height

19 18” Depth


Sinks, Faucets, Mirror, Countertop, Shelves




Solid Hardwood

60 732” Width

20 1332” Height

21 78” Depth


Sinks, Faucets, Mirror, Countertop



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Full RenovationFlooringBathroomKitchenPainting

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0-1 Month1-3 Months3-6 Months6+ Months