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Furniture + Kitchens.

Made in Italy. True Design is a furniture designer and manufacturer. Known as a commercial furniture company with residential aesthetics. Since 1983 the spirit of the brand is characterized by authenticity, practicality, and concreteness. Since 2014 the creative direction of the company has been by the very capable and talented Aldo Parisotto.


Handles + Hardware.

Made in Italy. Dnd Martinelli under the art direction of Giulio Iacchetti create the world most beautiful Handles. Since 1968 the company has lived between craftsmanship and innovation through design.



Made in Spain. Vibia exists to create beautiful atmospheres, using lighting design to generate meaningful responses that have a positive impact on the human experience. Under the leadership and creative expansion of Pere Llonch. Elegant, sensual and universal, Vibia speaks a language of emotion that connects us with the world..


Faucets + Bathware.

Designed by Dutch designer Piet Boon and British designer John Pawson. Their collection of faucets and metal work are made in Italy and their solid surface products are produced in the Netherlands. Cocoon is made up of a multidisciplinary team of design enthusiasts that create remarkable robust designs that invoke comfort and embrace personal identity.



Minimize dimensions, maximize performance. Designed in Italy and manufactured in BC. Flexalighting is the missing link between North American standards and Italian lighting design. Leveraging LED technology and providing a diverse offering that encompasses recessed down lighting, surface mount, step lighting, landscape lighting, linear systems, and track lighting.



Founded led by Enrico Corelli, an electrical engineer with a passion for design and architecture. PLH manufactures the worlds most elegant and beautiful lighting controls in existence. The controls work with home automation systems to automate scenes, lights, moods, window coverings, temperature and more.



Custom lighting for residential & commercial projects. Inspired by organic and minimalist aesthetics, their lamps are drawn, designed and 100% locally made in their Cowansville workshop, in Canada. Founded + led passionately by Maude Rondeau. Colourful, playful + versatile design sum to create personalized ambiance.



Colourful hand cast concrete sinks designed + made in Canada. Founded and led by renowned concrete artisan Anthony Vanee. With a belief in creating designs that honour concrete’s natural material properties and its ability to take shape in delicate contours and clean edges. A fun and playful approach without compromising on design principles. Minimalist and simple in form, paired with a refined colour palette that contemporizes and brings life to the material.



Imagine vast seamless partitions that are made from cobalt, carbon, basalt and other fibres. Founded led by Alberto Fiorenzi, i-Mesh is a technical and sustainable textile for architecture. It’s made of everlasting, high-performance natural and man made fibers that can be applied both outdoors and indoors.


Hardwood, Laminate + Composite.

A company born in BC, we have proudly represented Metropolitan since our inception in 2007. Through their sub brands Kentwood, Evoke and Abode, they provide a wide range of colours and products. Obsessive about product quality, they have over 30 documented quality checks for their products and are one of the best in class for warranty support.

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selected projects.

Buildya Developments
Renocon Design Center
Barnham House
Beaumont House

We believe the best approach to a successful project is largely based on the detailed work that is completed prior to any construction begins.


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Spatial Furnishings.

Designed to meet the needs of our modern life environment, @truedesignofficial offers seamless and spatial furnishing solutions, exploring new variants, one-offs and capsule collection, alongwith curated textile assortments.

We purpose-built @renocondesign showroom to be leveraged by designers, architects, dwellers, and stakeholders to design and construct spaces. Contact us to learn how you can utilize our ideas, products and showroom for your next project.


Product featured:
Fender, designer by Favaretto & Partners;
Code, designed by Parisotto+Formenton;
Sibylla, designed by E-ggs;
for @truedesignofficial 


Find these and more product selections at @renocondesign showroom.


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Immediate Perceptive

A handle based on the urge to combine basic forms, a cylinder and a rectangle, in pursuit of an overall balance and above all an immediate perceptive impact. Designed by Italian studio @967arch, manufactured to perfection by @dndhandles , available at @renocondesign 
Available in colour palette of 6 finishes as an invitation to personalization and creativity within interior design projects. 


Product featured:
Blend, designed by @967arch for  @dndhandles 


Find these and more @dndhandles product selections at @renocondesign showroom


Photography: @dndhandles 
Designer: @967arch 


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What we view thoroughly to see through to the intended space. 

In this project, our team of multidisciplinary problem solvers approached the limitations of the space, required access panels, into a feature of the space that moves with the curves of the space. We designed what we wanted to see and reverse engineered the piece. How to make it lightweight? a 3D Shape? have an easily removable panel? We engineered a magnetic removable access panel held by a 3D CNC’d frame - netted by algorithmic patterns sewn together like a web bound from natural minerals manufactured in Italy. 

We perform full turn key projects or à la carte depending on your project stage and requirements. We offer interior design, permitting, materials, custom millwork, products, procurement, furniture, and/or full construction for both the residential and commercial sectors.

Our showroom is open to the public as well as our industry friends.

A space to create spaces.

Contact us via DM to learn how you can leverage our products and services for your next project.
Sculpted Elegance.

Excited to introduce @secolo_official as our family of brands.  Secolo is an Italian and UK based furniture brand with a desire to create iconic pieces that meet traditional tastes but with contemporary and unorthodox twists. @secolo_official aims to offer unique, unseen pieces of design, which despite being playful and original will organically complement any interior.

Focusing on quality materials, Italian manufacturing and distinctive designs: @secolo_official is producing furniture and accessories, which being made to order, means they are highly customisable, from the materials to the finishes and in some cases even dimensions.

Our showroom features a variety of materials, finishes, and textures from @secolo_official for you to see, touch, and experience. We provide all available finishes, and soon, we will be showcasing completed interior design projects featuring @secolo_official products. Contact us to discover how you can incorporate our products and services into your upcoming project.


products in situ:
Tateyama Cloud
Tateyama XL


Find these and more products selections at @renocondesign showroom.


Images: @secolo_official 


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