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Interior Design

If architecture is what a building looks like, interior design is what it feels like. The most important factor in your finished project is having detailed design documentation to carry the vision through the finish line.

Project Management

Each design-build project is assigned a single point of contact. Our awesome team of project managers know that communication is the top priority in successful project completion.

Material Showroom

We have created a space for our clients to access all the curated products and materials our design team has compiled from all over the world and all in one place.

Permit Procurement

As frustrating and over-complicated as they may seem; getting proper city permits for your projects is often a necessity. No sweat, we will manage your city, strata, and property manager approvals for your project.

Tested Trades

This industry’s weight lies on the shoulders of tradespeople. To fulfill the highest standard of craftsmanship we maintain a very skillful team of professional contractors.


We started Renocon over a dozen years ago, and have been growing strong ever since. We owe that to you, our awesome clients!

A one-stop-shop for new construction and renovation needs. Throughout years of hard work, we have built a place with so many of our own amazing, talented contractors, and co-workers whom we all consider family. We pride ourselves on being a young and vibrant, design-first company that creates high-performance, responsible and well-designed interiors. In our multidisciplinary, team-based company collaboration is key among a talented group of interior designers, project managers, and contractors who work together to create timeless, innovative and integrated solutions for a wide range of clients. Our services are full spectrum – from new construction and renovation, Interior Design documentation, to the supply and installation of finishing materials for both residential and commercial projects, from start to finish. Everything is housed in our showroom which has become a haven of curated finishing materials from all around the world, and a resource for many people in the industry including clients, architects, designers, and developers.

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Living in apartment has made Avada a pro at decorating spaces

Every day you are asked to embrace change; to adapt and evolve with growing demands on your time and talent. We are, frankly, blown away by you — the makers, the dreamers, and the every-day grind-it-out doers. So we wanted to empower you with jewelry inspired by the way you dynamically respond to all the changes in your life.

Interior Design

Make your space
useful and unique to you

Design Driven.

We consider ourselves a design first company. We believe the best approach to a successful project is largely based on the detailed work that is completed prior to when the construction begins. Renocon staffs 4 full-time designers to take on our a range of renovation and new construction projects in both the commercial and residential sectors. Whether you are looking for some advice on flooring and trim, or cabinets and countertops, our experienced designers are ready to help with all your design needs.

What’s modern, anyways?

These terms can be sometimes blurry in their definitions. What’s modern to some is science fiction to others. That’s why we tend to listen more than speak when we first meet, it’s not because we are shy.

Global brands. Local expertise.

Curated global brands installed in our showroom


Products, materials, and finishes hand selected by our designers from the design hotspots of Europe to North America.


Completed projects since our inception in 2007. We are proud to grow, learn and push the boundaries of design with every project.

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